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Welcome to the Official PhoenixEye Web site. Phoenixeye is a Progressive rock band from Montreal, Canada. Although the project started in 1996, the debut album (The Adventures of The King) was released in 2001 on an independant label, distributed by IpsoFacto.


*Febuary 2006 : The on-line store is now re-open, you can order our album from a secure server.

*2005 : We officially have a new guitarist in the band to replace Mic Myette. His name is Daniel Mongrain. You might have seen him with metal band Martyr or with many local artists on the Montreal scene. Find out more on the band's page!

e-mail us if you want to be informed of new updates!

*November 24, 2003 : We now have a discussions forum on which you can send us your comments and chat about various topics.

*November 2003 : We're currently working on the second album, on which bassist Denis Labrosse and drummer Bob St-Laurent will be featured as official band members.

*June 2003 : We have a new cover band (which involves Phoenixeye band members) called Jurassik Rock.

*March 2002 : Our debut album 'The Adventures of the King' is now distributed by Ipso Facto.


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